Leaders in Retail and Blockchain Unite at Inaugural Loyalty Live Conference, Taking Over Chicago October 16-18

Experts come together for three day conference to educate, collaborate, and support the convergence of these two industries



Blockchain and consumer loyalty experts come together to help bridge the gap between the two spaces. Join top executives including Julie Lyle, former CMO of Walmart, Manie Eager, CEO of DigitalFutures, Nadine Rubin, Operations of RewardOps, Al Burgio, Founder of DigitalBits, and more as they collaborate in discussions on integrating blockchain solutions for all horizontals in the loyalty sector.



Over the course of three days, Loyalty Live will dive deep into blockchain for enterprise with informative sessions and expert panels. Attendees will have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with technology and gain a deeper understanding of how these two spaces could impact daily lives of consumers.


Topics that will be covered (but not limited to):

  • Why blockchain is the remedy to loyalty challenges
  • Merging blockchain with existing business systems
  • Tracking systems
  • Lowering transaction fees
  • Improving points liquidity and redemption
  • Reducing consumer friction
  • Eliminating fraud
  • And more.



October 16 – October 18

October 16: Opening Reception

October 17: Day 1 Conference + Networking Night

October 18: Day 2 Conference + Closing Reception



151 W Adams St, Chicago, IL 60603




The Loyalty industry has experienced a tremendous amount of change over the past few years. Furthermore, loyalty programs are a crucial and strategic investment for many types of organizations. The variety and reach of Loyalty and Rewards programs is staggering. They cross key industries such as Travel and Hospitality, Financial Services, and Retail.  Yet, consumers experience significant friction prohibiting the use of legacy points. Many points programs lack liquidity and a third of points are never used.


Customers already view loyalty points as digital currency. Successful global brands understand this and are re-imagining the way they enable customers to track, redeem, and trade their points in digital exchanges and marketplaces. To ensure your loyalty programs are not rapidly replaced with more secure, high value/low cost ecosystems that are growing in consumer demand, you need to attend this conference and learn the best practices for using blockchain technology turn those points into cryptocurrency and drive more value to consumers and businesses.


Loyalty Live supports the convergence of loyalty and blockchain – bringing together the biggest names and thought leaders from both worlds, for knowledge exchange and education.



The world’s first and only conference dedicated to the convergence of loyalty and blockchain.



  1. Blockchain is rapidly reshaping the loyalty and rewards industry.
  2. It’s no longer an option to be blind to blockchain. Enterprises running consumer loyalty initiatives can’t miss out on this revolutionary technology that will transform the industry.
  3. This is the only conference in the world dedicated to the convergence of blockchain and loyalty.




Objective #1

The objective of this event is to demystify blockchain for enterprise, and for attendees to learn how to leverage technology to improve points programs, operate programs at low cost and high security, develop a liquid value ecosystem, acquire more users, and increase value for existing customers.


Objective #2  

To leave invitees and participants with the understanding that blockchain is disrupting the loyalty industry rapidly, gaining traction outside the US and will quickly impact US brands and their customers’ expectations.




  • Executive-level marketing/loyalty executives
  • Marketers (CMOs, brand managers etc.)
  • MarTech professionals
  • Sales teams and execs from CRM, AI, CDP, Analytics and loyalty consulting firms
  • Consultants and experts from research and advisory firms (i.e. 451 Research, Gartner, Forrester)


Blockchain Community

  • Blockchain professionals providing loyalty and rewards solutions
  • General Blockchain/cryptocurrency enthusiasts


Benefits to Attending

  • Learn how blockchain is changing loyalty: Loyalty Live will cover topics like; how blockchain mitigates many challenges brands face with executing loyalty programs, including merging blockchain with existing business systems, tracking systems, lowering transaction fees, improving points liquidity and redemption, reducing consumer friction, and eliminating fraud.


  • Hear from Disruptors: Hear from market-leading global brands and people on the front-line that are disrupting industries with blockchain.


  • Attend Blockchain Bootcamp: The only event where blockchain beginners and seasoned loyalty marketers can learn the fundamentals of blockchain technology, cryptocurrency and its impact on the future of loyalty.